What if the diesel engine emits black smoke

2022-05-24 20:51

The basic causes of diesel engine black smoke are:

Insufficient and incomplete fuel combustion. There are many factors that lead to inadequate and incomplete combustion of diesel engine fuel, mainly as follows:

1. Factors of fuel supply system: (1) oil dripping, poor atomization or insufficient fuel injection pressure of fuel injection nozzle; (2) The plunger and outlet valve of the fuel injection pump are worn, and the common pressure is insufficient or the fuel supply is too large; (3) Incorrect injection advance angle.

2. Factors of combustion system: (1) incorrect valve clearance; (2) The piston ring and cylinder liner are severely worn, resulting in insufficient compression pressure; (3) The piston crown clearance is improperly adjusted and the compression ratio is too small.

3. Structural factors: (1) the intake pipe or air filter is blocked; (2) The exhaust port is blocked and the exhaust is not smooth.

4. Other factors: (1) the ambient temperature is too high; (2) The quality of diesel fuel is too poor.

Maintenance of diesel generator

1. During maintenance, pay attention to the relative position and sequence of the detachable parts (make a mark if necessary), the structural characteristics of the non detachable parts, and master the force for reassembly (use a torque wrench).

2. The maintenance cycle of the air filter is once every 50 hours of operation: a) air filter display: when the transparent part of the display is red, it indicates that the air filter has reached the service limit, and it should be cleaned or replaced immediately. After the treatment, gently press the button on the top of the display to reset the display; b) Air filter: - loosen the iron ring, remove the dust collector and filter element, and carefully clean the filter element from top to bottom—— When the filter element is not too dirty, it can be directly purged with compressed air, but it should be noted that the air pressure should not be too large, and the nozzle should not be too close to the filter element—— If the filter element is too dirty, it should be cleaned with a special cleaning solution purchased from the agent, and then dried with an electric hot air cylinder (pay attention not to overheat)—— After cleaning, the filter element shall be inspected. The inspection method is to use a bulb to illuminate from the inside to the outside, and observe the outside of the filter element. If a light spot is found, it indicates that the filter element has been perforated. At this time, the filter element of the same model shall be replaced—— If no light spot is found, it indicates that the filter element is not perforated. At this time, carefully install the air filter.

3. The maintenance cycle of the battery is once every 50 hours of operation: a) check whether the battery is charged enough with an electroscope, otherwise it should be charged; b) Check whether the liquid level of the battery is about 15mm above the plate. If not, add distilled water to the above position; c) Check whether the battery terminal is corroded or has spark marks. Otherwise, repair or replace it and apply grease.

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