Main business of Liuzhou Hengda Power Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

2022-05-24 21:05

The diesel engines produced by the company include 4bt, 4D, 4f, 6a, 6b, 6BT, 6ct, 6L, 6LA, 6lt, 6m, 6mk, 6T, 12V, K19, K38 and other series products, with a power range of 30-2000 HP. It is widely used in generator sets, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, ship power and automobile power supporting fields. The product has the characteristics of large power, high reliability, low fuel consumption, low emission, low noise and few faults, and is the ideal power for users.

  The generator sets produced by the company are powered by well-known engines (mainly Guangxi Yudong, liukang power, Wuxi power, Shangchai, jichai, Weichai, Doosan, Cummins, Sweden Volvo, Perkins, Germany DEUTZ, etc.) and equipped with well-known brand generators at home and abroad (mainly Liuzhou Siemens, Wuxi Stanford, Shanghai marathon, Shandong Vosges motor, Guangzhou inger, etc.). The power range is 20-2000kw. The unit has the advantages of compact structure, large power reserve, high reliability, stable speed regulation performance, small vibration, small volume, low fuel consumption, low emission and low noise. The varieties include common type, automatic type, silent type, multi machine grid connected type, mobile power station type, unattended type, remote centralized microcomputer monitoring type, etc. It is widely used in factories, enterprises, railway construction, highway construction, water conservancy and power, mines, bridges, tunnels, ports, wharves, shipyards, oil fields, real estate, hotels, government agencies, schools, hospitals and municipal construction as conventional power supply or standby power supply.

Liuzhou Hengda Power Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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